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Applicable to your treatment total

$12 to $15 per unit*
$650 to $1,000 per syringe*
Threads (Thickening Threads)
$750 to $1,500
Threads (per area)
$1,500 to $2,000

Including jawline, mid-face, and brow


15% off for a package of 3 treatments

Petite Peel
Complete Peel
Cosmelan Peel
Microneedling with Radio Frequency Treatment
$2,425 ($2,850) for 3
Microneedling with Radio Frequency Treatment and PRFM
$5,100 ($6,000) for 3

Please keep in mind that how many units/syringes depends on the area of concern and your needs. Where lips might be one syringe, a full liquid lift may need up to 8 syringes of filler. Similarly, Botox units also depend on individual needs. Please keep this in mind during your consultation.

The Heritage Facial

$150 to $200

A remedy for imbalanced skin lacking proper tissue nutrition. Our experts will delve deep into your unique skin history to create a plan just for you, based on precisely your needs.

The Healing Facial

$150 to $200

For those susceptible to “anxiety acne,” who find their skin easily irritated, inflamed, or especially reactive. This mindful facial works with the intention to mend your connection with your skin and awaken your tissue vitality.

The Sacred Facial

$150 to $200

Combining the ancient practice of Gua Sha and the science of cellular infusion to promote potent circulation and hydration in the skin, the Sacred Facial allows the skin to lift, tighten and restore hydration. Old meets new and east meets west to get you these transformative results.

Holistic Health

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To help you reach and maintain your highest levels of health, calm, vitality and beauty.


Acupuncture and herbal remedies are available to optimize your health and well being. Our Licensed Acupuncturists assist with cosmetic and facial balancing, musculoskeletal pain, eczema, psoriasis, dermatitis, acne, allergies and autoimmune disease.

Cosmetic and facial balancing
Musculoskeletal pain
Eczema, psoriasis, dermatitis, acne
Autoimmune disease

Superbills can be provided for insurance reimbursement purposes.

Vaginal Steams

A rejuvenating treatment that is used for cleansing, menstrual and gynecological issues, promotion of fertility and increasing libido.

Menstrual and gynecological issues
Promotion of fertility
Increasing libido

The herbs we use are high quality, reputably sourced and customized for every client’s concerns.

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