Individual Mask
Individual Mask

Bird's Nest Aqua Ampoule Sheet Mask

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Individual: Includes 1 individual Sheet Mask

Bundle: Includes 3 Sheet Masks and 1 Mask Mask to hold the mask in place.


Super Moisturizing: The Bird's Nest Ampoule Mask delivers unparalleled moisture to stressed and dry skin. Infused with real bird's nest, this mask's moisturizing properties stand out among competitors, providing deep and lasting hydration.

Bird's Nest: Harvested from swiftlet birds found in coastal cliffside areas, these nests are made from a unique blend of the birds' saliva and seaweed. Renowned for their high protein and polysaccharide content, bird's nests offer exceptional benefits for your skin's health, enhancing its overall vitality and resilience.

Cellulose Sheet: Crafted from natural plant cellulose, this mask ensures exceptional adhesion, staying firmly in place without slipping or sliding. Enjoy uninterrupted skincare as the mask remains securely on your skin until you're ready to remove it.

6-in-1 Mask: The rich moisture content of swiftlet nest extract targets multiple skin concerns, helping to alleviate dryness and tighten pores. Experience a comprehensive skincare solution with this multifunctional mask.

Treat your skin to the ultimate in hydration and care with the Bird's Nest Ampoule Mask, and enjoy the revitalizing benefits of nature's best ingredients.