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Let's Face It

3 Bio Regenerative Treatments that Build Collagen

Author: Jetzy Gasca

3 Bio Regenerative Treatments that Build Collagen

Your body is magical and powerful--don't underestimate its ability to heal. The process of renewal, restoration and tissue growth is called Bio Regeneration. Your body can heal itself naturally through polypeptides called growth factors. To heal the skin and induce collagen growth factors like fibroblasts, which play an important role in healing wounds, are released into our tissue to repair, regenerate into the epidermis and dermis.

As time passes, our bodies ability to regenerate collagen starts to slow down. Diminishing collagen creates laxity in our skin which leads to loose skin. In time, the skin begins to lose its support system and eventually sags because of gravity. Bio regenerative treatments stimulate the natural collagen to combat these effects--we force growth factor cells to wake up and get to work with treatments like PRFM, Collagen Building Threads and at home with the Dew & Go Microneedling Stamper.

PRFM stands for Platelet Rich Fibrin Matrix. It is a high concentration of platelets injected into your skin to help thicken and heal the skin. Platelets are growth factors that, along with the fibrin matrix, helps platelets remain viable in a controlled growth factor release. This makes for a more localized concentration of platelets to allow for sustained growth to a particular area of concern.

Collagen Building Threads stimulate growth factors into your skin. They are surgical-grade sutures made out of sugar molecules that dissolve into your skin. Once placed into the skin, threads create micro-injuries signaling for growth factors to wake up and release. As the threads dissolve, your body continues to heal and repair, creating reservoirs for regeneration and healing the increased collagen production.

Lastly, for a treatment you can do yourself, the Dew & Go is a microneedling tool with fine needles that create controlled injuries on the surface of your skin and deposit droplets of powerful skin serum. The small pinpricks trigger your body’s healing response and create more collagen. Microchannels created by the needles allow the serum to penetrate more deeply, allowing it to work more efficiently. The Dew & Go comes with two options--the Hydrate Brew with Hyaluronic Acid and the Brightening Brew with niacinamide, available exclusively at Poosh.

PRFM, Collagen Building Threads and microneedling with the Dew & Go are all treatments that encourage growth factors, creating more collagen than your body can produce on its own. These treatments are bio regenerative and are ideal for anyone who wants to use their own biology to repair, regenerate and restore skin health. Because these treatments primarily rely on your own body’s capabilities, there are virtually no contraindications, but please speak with a provider regarding your individual needs.

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