Let's face it

Let's Face It

But First, Facials!

Author: Rae Riddle

But First, Facials!

As much as we love treating our patients with our facial balancing treatment, it’s time we shine a light on the one treatment beneficial for everyone: facials! Regular facials are the key ingredient to maintaining a fresh looking face and here's why: 

Develop and Maintain a Healthy Skin Barrier 

Before receiving any treatment, it’s vital that you have a healthy skin barrier. This means the skin is hydrated, there is no broken skin or serious inflammation. Facials are a wonderful way to help support the skin’s overall health. They improve collagen production, hydrate the skin, and can even reduce fine lines! Whether you’re receiving injectable treatments or not, your skin will appear more rejuvenated than it did before! 

Reduce Stress 

Facials are a great way to treat yourself and allow your mind and body time to unwind. They’re proven to increase blood circulation and promote lymphatic drainage, two elements that result in activating the parasympathetic nervous (rest and digest) system. Just this one treatment can help 

reduce the amount of stress you may be experiencing. Carving out time for real relaxation will have a positive impact on our mental health; Why not do something for your skin and your mind at the same time! 

Reduce Breakouts 

With less stress, we can experience fewer breakouts, but it's a little deeper than that. At home, it’s easy to pop that pimple that’s been bugging us all week. We may think we know when it’s ready to go, but do we really? When it’s our own skin we tend to be less gentle and popping or picking when a pimple isn’t ready will create more trauma to the area. The truth is, oftentimes at-home extractions lead to more inflammation and infection. This is because when we pop our own pimples it causes the debris from the pustule to leak into surrounding tissues and result in a major breakout. 

Our skin is the biggest and most vulnerable organ of our body so it’s important we give it a little TLC every now and then. Thinking of booking a facial before or between your next appointments? Call or email us and one of our Patient Coordinators will be happy to book you in! 

Facials are safe for teens, adults, pregnant, and breastfeeding women. They are recommended before any injectable treatment and should not be received 2 to 6 weeks after, depending on the treatment. 

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