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Let's Face It

How Many Units of Botox Do I Need?

Author: Stephanie Dinh

How Many Units of Botox Do I Need?

First off, let's switch that language--nobody needs Botox. But you might want it, and if you want it, and you're curious about how many units people tend to use, read on and learn more. 

Botox is a specific brand name for the substance called Botulinum Toxin. It is injected into the muscle and works by blocking signals from the nerves, forcing the muscle to relax and soften. 

Why is there a range of units I need? 

One size doesn't fit all for this treatment. We always suggest patients see an experienced provider discuss their goals. A provider can give you a game plan for a treatment that is appropriate for your needs. 

The most common areas that are treated consist of the Glabella Complex (between the brows), Frontalis (forehead), Orbicularis Oculi (also known as crow's feet area), lips and the masseters (jaw muscles).


Glabella complex, the area in between the brows, is also known as the frown lines. Treating this area will help soften the muscle and make patients look less upset.

Suggested dosing for this area typically ranges from 20-30 units.

Frontalis is the forehead area. Treating this area will soften the horizontal lines on the forehead.

Suggested dosing for this area typically ranges from 8-20 units.

Orbicularis oculi, also known as crow's feet, is by the eye. This treatment helps open up the eyes and can also allow for a brow lift.

Suggested dosing for this area ranges from 10-30 units.


Masseters, also known as the chewing muscles, are treated to relieve clenching pain or as a cosmetic procedure to slim the jawline down.

Suggested dosing for this area ranges from 10-60 units. 

Botox treatments take approximately 15 minutes. Facial movements start to soften in about 3-4 days with optimal results will be visible by the second week.

Although we have these ranges, we always advise you to visit an experienced injector to prevent unwanted results.

Please follow up with your providers two weeks post injections to make sure that everything is settling well. When treated appropriately, results are natural, patients look energized, and the skin also looks beautiful.



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