Let's face it

Let's Face It

The Four Beauty Tools You Need

Author: Joshua Flores

The Four Beauty Tools You Need

What is more fun than a beauty tool? Trick question--nothing is and we've got the goods.

We recently tapped Lead Esthetician Aziel Rodgers to walk through what these tools do and what you can use them for.

High Frequency Wand Kit

The High Frequency Wand kit is amazing at killing bacteria, reducing breakouts, and improving cell turnover.

With two different gasses Argon and Neon and four different attachments.

The Argon (Violet) Wands are great for killing bacteria and reducing breakouts as well as calming inflammation and redness.

  • Point Wand: Targets individual breakouts where concentration is needed.
  • Spoon Wand: For addressing general skin redness and inflammation.

The Neon (Red) Wands are great for improving cellular turnover, tissue rejuvenation and enhancing blood circulation. 

  • Mushroom Wand: Activates facial rejuvenation.
  • Comb Wand: Enhances hair growth and improves blood circulation.

Cryo Skincare Ice Rollers

The Cryo Ice Roller massage ball shaped tool is a cold therapy that helps to calm inflammation and puffiness that may be caused by allergies. They are fantastic for improving inflammation and helping with cystic acne

Designed to mimic a professional Cryo Facial, at home you can receive similar benefits of soothing redness, stimulate circulation to reduce fine lines and wrinkles with a quick 10-15 minute cold therapy massage. The tool's shape is a great design for use on neck and décolleté area. See some more here with Lucy Hale

Gua Sha Tool

Rooted in Traditional Chinese Medicine, Gua Sha stones are great for lymphatic drainage, a way to move the lymph fluids to your lymph nodes. A regular Gua Sha practice is an easy and relaxing way to lift and relax your facial muscles. Here is an easy tutorial to follow. 

Use with a generous amount of your favorite facial oil (our personal fave, obviously: The Things We Do Black Currant Oil or Isla Oil. Gently push facial tension down and away, resulting in a subtle face lift by minimizing the appearance of fine lines.

Dew & Go Microneedling Stamper

The Dew & Go Mircroneedling Stamper is our best seller and for good reason. It gives amazing hydration, an easy boost of collagen and addresses any texture and tone issues. 

The Dew & Go microneedling infusion stamp allows for a gentler form of microneedling that deposits tiny droplets of our Skin Brew (containing star ingredients like snail mucin and moringa) directly into the skin. Each stamper includes a set of four skin hydration ampoules. Here's a quick tutorial on how to use it!

Looking for a Vegan option? Try our exclusive Brightening Skin Brew as a great choice for those also looking to treat hyperpigmentation from sun damage or acne scarring! exclusively at Poosh


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