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Let's Face It

TWD Summer Essentials

Author: Rae Riddle

TWD Summer Essentials

Summer is around the corner, but for those living in sunny SoCal, it’s just about here! As the weather begins to heat up and the sun starts to beat down, let’s talk about The Things We Do’s favorite skincare essentials. 


We’re starting off with the basics. A good cleanser is an absolute must! Our skin absorbs particles of dirt, sweat, and bacteria throughout the day that must be thoroughly cleansed before we put on makeup or lie in bed. Botnia’s Gentle and Renewing Cleansers are great for leaving your skin feeling clean and healthy. If you’re in need of an even deeper cleanse, try out The Things We Do Gly Glow Scrub! Use it 2 to 3 nights a week after a gentle cleanser on undamaged skin. 

Light Moisturizer 

Our skin can be a little oilier in the hotter months, but that doesn’t mean we can skip the moisturizer! Try grabbing a light moisturizer like the Biopelle Tensage Soothing Cream. If you’re more into oils, pick up The Things We Do Black Currant Oil for oily skin or Isla Oil for drier skin types. 


This one is no question. If you’re not using an SPF in your skincare routine, you need to add it ASAP. With a higher UV index in the summer, we need to be taking extra precautions with our skin. SPF will not only protect your skin from burns and sun damage, it’s your best defense against wrinkles too! We carry a Mineral Tinted SPF by Unsun for deeper and lighter skin tones and non-tinted SPF formulas from SkinMedica and July Sky! 


A step up from the SPF is adding some hats to your wardrobe. Keeping your skin out of direct sunlight is a huge plus. While sunscreen is great, the sun can still penetrate your skin. Find something that provides shade over your entire face, like a ball cap, a big brim hat, or one of our super cute The Things We Do Bucket Hats! 

Click here to shop for these products on our online store or drop into one of the offices to pick them up. 

P.S. Stay hot this summer!

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